V-Star Kid's Earmuffs - Comfortable Hearing Protection for Kids(26dB SNR)

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Enjoy peace of mind with our safety earmuffs! Get a full 100-day warranty on your purchase. Protect your ears with confidence.


Passive Noise Cancelling Headphones for Calmness and Safety. Help your child find calmness and focus with our specially designed kids noise cancelling headphones.

Enhance Calmness & Focus:

  • Kids Noise Cancelling Headphones Promote calmness and focus in your child with our kids noise cancelling headphones. Designed specifically for children, these headphones reduce sounds that can be upsetting for those with autism and sensory sensitivities, allowing them to find calmness and focus in various environments.

Protect Precious Ears:

  • Kids Earmuffs for Noise Reduction Prevent hearing loss from excessive noise exposure in young ones. Studies show that 17% of young people already suffer from hearing loss due to noise. Safeguard your child's hearing by using our kids earmuffs for noise reduction in appropriate situations, ensuring their hearing health for the future.

Lasting Comfort for Kids:

  • Durable Construction We understand that kids put things to the test. That's why our kids noise-canceling earmuffs are constructed with durable ABS and steel materials, ensuring they withstand rough handling without breaking. Your child can enjoy lasting comfort and reliable performance.

Guaranteed Safety:

  • Certified and Accurate Trust in the safety of our earmuffs for kids. Unlike other brands, our ear muffs are certified and accurately represented. They boast a 20dB NRR rating (ANSI S3.19-1974), 26dB SNR rating (CE EN352-1), and are suitable for children aged 3 to 16. Rest easy knowing they are toxin-free.

Pro Tip:

  • Adjusting the Fit If the headband of the soundproof headphones for kids feels too tight, you can release the pressure by expanding them on an object for 2 to 4 hours. This ensures a comfortable and customized fit for your child, allowing them to wear the earmuffs with ease.

Promote calmness, protect their hearing, and prioritize safety with Kids Ear Protection Earmuffs. Help your child thrive in various environments while providing them with lasting comfort and peace of mind. Invest in their well-being today with our noise cancelling headphones for kids.